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The frog switches tunes and moods in Come Back To Erin.

Written: 1866
Words and Music by Claribel (Charlotte Alington) 1830-1869
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The next song in One Froggy Evening is the sentimental tune Come Back To Erin. Erin is another name for Ireland and the voice in this piece belongs to someone there who longs for a loved one named Colleen who is away in England.

Claribel was the pen name of Charlotte Alington Barnard. She was an extremely prolific and successful English poet and composer of ballads and hymns during the 19th century. In 1868 she had two popular hits: I Cannot Sing The Old Songs and Come Back To Erin. Erin would prove to be he most successful composition. Over time it became thought of as an Irish folk song and a generation later it would become popular on the American vaudeville stage where such Irish songs were common.

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Come back to Erin, Mavourneen, Mavourneen;
Come back, Aroon, to the land of my birth;
Come with the shamrocks and Spring-time, Mavourneen,
And its Kilarney shall ring with our mirth.

Sure, when we lent ye to beautiful England,
Little we thought of the lone winter days,
Little we thought of the hush of the star shine
Over the mountain, the bluffs and the brays!

[REFRAIN sung after each verse]
Then come back to Erin, Mavourneen, Mavourneen,
Come back again to the land of thy birth.
Come back to Erin, Mavourneen, Mavourneen,
And its Kilarney shall ring with our mirth.

Over the green sea, Mavourneen, Mavourneen,
Long shone the while sail that bore thee away;
Riding the white waves that fair Summer mornin',
Just like a Mayflow'r afloat on the bay.

O, but my heart sank when clouds came between us,
Like a grey curtain the rain falling down,
Hid from my sad eyes the path o'er the ocean,
Far, far away where my Colleen had flown.

O may the angels, O wakin' and sleepin',
Watch o'er my bird in the land far away;
And it's my pray'rs will consign to their keepin'
Care o' my jewel by night and by day.

When by the fireside I watch the bright embers,
Then all my heart flies to England and thee,
Cravin' to know if my darlin' remembers,
Or if her thoughts may be crossin' to me.
sheet music
sheet music
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